Sunday, November 19, 2006

Front High-Fender installed!!

FINALLY! More content! :)

It's been a long summer and nasty fall. Shortly after my return from Laguna in July the bike went up on jack stands to start some maintenance. It was there until... today. Other projects have come and gone in that time (primarily this one). Today it was time to get the KTM back on it's tires and finish up something I started buying parts for back in June! How busy one can get, is amazing.

My intent is not to do a full-featured writeup on this modification, just to cover the highlights. That will have to wait for another day. For now, just some photos showing the new home-brew high-fender conversion, how the brake lines (all stock KTM parts) routed and how much better it looked on my bike that on other's I've seen similar conversions installed. I can't wait to try it out!

Above shows the brake line routing. One line for the left caliper, one for the right. Originaly there was a single line that ran down the left fork tuble attaching via a stacked banjo joint on the left caliper. From there a crossover line went to the right caliper. In this installation I have a pair of stock left brake lines installed on the master cylinder. I was able to re-use the stock stacked bolt from the left caliper. The bolt from the master (a single banjo bolt, not stacked) was then re-used on the right caliper. In the end, crossover hose was replaced and I was able to re-use all the stock banjo/bolt hardware for the new system. After re-filling with ATE Blue racing brake fluid it's ready for testing!