Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Kid on the Block

It was a tough decision but I needed to take a serious assessment of the Gran Canyon's capabilities and determine if it really was the right tool for the job I need it to perform. In this case, make it not only to the Acrtic and back but all with way down to Cabo San Lucas as well. In one trip. Sadly.. I did not think the Cagiva was the right bike for the job.

My issues with it:
1. It's simply TOO pretty to subject the bike to the rigors and guaranteed crashes on the trip.
2. Aftermarket support. Letko in the midwest has all the stock parts one could need and only an overnight shipment away. BUT.. what I just could not find was pre-fabbed case/skid plates and super-duty luggage systems. There simply are not enough of them in this sort of service to make the market segment servicable.
3. It's too damn pretty.

After A LOT of anguish I decided to sell the bike and spend another $10,000 on the ULTIMATE (yes Beemer fans.. I SAID ULTIMATE) Adventure bike:

I honestly think this is THE bike for the job. I hope that I'm never proven wrong.

Yes, it is very tall.

Yes, it is covered in Saftey Orange.

Yes, it is a design few people other than it's mother can love.

So when it ends up on it's side on the AlCan highway... few will cry (perhaps other than myself, for a little while, I find it pretty in a very functional Austrian Origami way).

So the Adventure continues.. but on a new stead, a 2005 KTM Adventure S. Stay tuned for my on-going exploits aboard the bike I shall call....... (I'm currently accepting suggestions - vote early and vote often!).


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