Thursday, September 22, 2005

Reno 2005 - Logbook unedited

Wednesday - September 14, 2005

06:15 - Bremerton, WA
35,118 Km
Awaiting departure. Plan to roll out 06:30 to Olympia via SR-3. Really looking forward to this trip and feel confident I
have not forgotten anything important. Next stop..? Perhaps Chehalis for fuel. At least 200 Km still in the tank.

08:20 - Shelton, WA
35,209 Km
Lots of fog on the way out. Sort of cold at 50F. Noticed that every bank along SR-3 was either 5 min. fast or slow. None even close to showing accurate time! Need to keep that in mind.
GPSMAP 76 working great on bike! Bike running well, smooth! Called home to say hello to Miranda before she went off to school. Back onto road after drinking my Rockstar Energy drink!

09:30 - Toutle River Rest Area, WA
35,314 Km
Some sun finally breaking through. Great riding so far, for a freeway anyway. Not much traffic. Semi trucks cause some nervous buffeting. Need to watch tanker trucks in particular, they seem to be the worst. Less than 1 hour until Portland!

11:45 - Albany, OR
35,525 Km
Just south of Salem. Making good time. Nice weather and MANY host blonde babes in cars. :)

14:45 - Grants Pass, OR
35,811 Km
Food break. Warm! OR roads are so damn dirty!! Was hit with multiple objects including plastic bags, cardboard boxes and a huge black 'something'. Sucked!
These are the dirtiest stretches of I-5 I have ever seen! Bike running well, me feeling very good. Could have gone 500 miles easy but gas and food sounded like a good idea. PLUS NO COPS!
Trip stats
ODO: 426.8 miles
Stopped: 00:45:30
Moving: 06:31:49
Total: 07:17:19
Avg. Speed: 65.4 MPH
Max Speed: 92.1 MPH

Next stop?!?! 1 hour to California border.

16:11 - California Border
35,924 Km
Nice run over the mountain. Too many trucks but everything else fine. Saw 1 CHP on opposite side of road. No prob.
Yreka to Redding 98 miles (I-5)
Yreka to Weaverville 122 miles (Hwy 3)
Yreka to Redding 158 miles (Hwy 3 + Hwy 299)

17:30 - Shasta City, CA
36,002 Km
Stopped at KOA and rented space. Hot here, need shower. In search of some (crap.. can't read what I wrote!! )

Thursday - September 15, 2005

03:05 - Shasta City, CA
36,345 Km
What a long strange trip it's been!
Lost on FR-25 | Old man in broken pickup
Out of gas in Dunsmure at 2:00 am | Couple gives gas. Dude's son is in Navy stationed in Bremerton! Chic was hot, got her number too!
Oh.. and of course a freight train at 3:00am!!! Again.. this is ridiculous!!

09:35 - Shasta City, CA
36,345 Km
OK. What is it about me and camping + freight trains at 3:00am!?! Sheesh, that was nuts! Thankfully I slept fitfully but slept regardless and awoke at 9:00am. Showered up, got some coffee and feel GREAT!!

Trip stats for Day 1
ODO: 756.72 miles
Avg. Speed: 58.1 MPH
Max Speed: 87.1 MPH
Stopped: 03:30:00
Moving: 13:01:34
Total: 16:32:01

Some things to NOT forget.

- At point of desperation and concern spot lone tree with arrow and #3 hand painted on it confirming which way I was going. It was dark and many sideroads / forks. Devine intervention!

- Old guy in white pickup. Coffee Creek store closing right as we rolled in. Phone to get tow truck and ferry guy back to rig. This took over an hour

- Running out of gas in Dunsmuir. Shell station, Travel Lodge, and dirtbike chic (40 but looked 30, maybe!) with gas can to help. THANK YOU LORD GOD!!

- Wonderful view of Castle Crags from forest road 25 (picture)

This morning I look up and see Mt. Shasta looming overhead. Campground is quiet and can't think of a better trip. And it's only DAY ONE!

Couple more things to remember.

- Finding two deer in the middle of raod at 9:00pm YIKES!

- Hauling ass down Hw 299 (Weaverville -> Redding at 1:00 am). TASTEY!!

- Nice people at Coffee Creek and weird local in pickup truck full of crap.

- How well bike and myself handled some knarly fire road

Time to pack up and head out!

15:52 - Modesto, CA
36,844 Km
Made good time from Shasta City. No stops. Refuel in Williams CA, back on road. GS1200 - cool bike! Need to shop for some more camping supplies.

Friday - September 16, 2005

08:45 - Modesto, CA
36,844 Km
Packed and prepared for departure. Good sleep last night! Probably last good sleep for a few days!
Packed two military MREs for eating on the road and in the desert. Now they come with thier own heating packs! Pretty slick. GS1200 is loaded down! Looks like the pack mule. Found a soft cooler that happened to color match GS. Repacked GS, adding cooler and filled it up with beer & ice.

13:45 - Alpine Lake, CA
37,023 Km
Hwy 4 awesome! Lake nice and cool. 7000 ft. pass. Shitload of trucks. Now 1/2 lane road. Next stop, Nevada.

Wednesday - September 21, 2005

02:20 - Gee Rest Area, WA
38,851 Km
Milepost 11 in WA. MADE IT! Third chain adjustment. Started to skip again right after crossing WA border. Hats off, motor feels great! Can't believe the chain/sprocket still working since major problem in Redding, CA about 500 miles ago!

03:25 - Toutle River, WA
38,921 Km
BRRRR! Fuck. The free coffee is not being manned tonight!!! Shit, really could have used it this time through. Chain still OK. Looks a little more slack but will wait to next stop + 38 miles.

06:15 - Bremerton, WA


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