Friday, September 09, 2005

Planning annual pilgramage to Reno-Stead. RAR 2005

The Reno Air Races will soon be upon us again thus time to make final plans for my trek to the best, more exciting and dangerous motorsport in the United States. Aircraft pylon racing with super-charged, nitrous burning WWII (and now jet!) aircraft buzzing the deck at speed exceeding 500 MPH!!! 4 straight days of high-test burning, ground shaking excitement.

Most years I've flow in and the few occasions where I drove I was still living in California so the journey was not that long (about 260 miles from San Jose, CA to Reno Stead airport). This time the journey, if I do decided to ride it (and I don't see why not) will be just shy of 750 miles taking approximatly 13 hours of saddle time.

This would not be a personal record (distance wise) for me by any stretch. My personal record is 970 miles in 16 hours on a Honda VFR. My record for (sheer insanity) proving something to myself was 870 miles in the same time from Modesto to Bremerton on a Ducati 998 superbike. Many said I was nutz but I enjoyed it very much and then backed that up with another 250 mile joyride to the Olypmics. So.. 750 miles in the very comfy Cagiva should not be much of a challenge unless it breaks down which will be more challenge that I really care to have. :p

The route I planned out using Micro$oft Streets and Trips is the one I had envisioned before even checking the maps. Making a super-slab dash to the California border, over the mountains and then heading east though the Sierras and finally across the border into Nevada. 4 states in 1 day.

However, I might extend this little journey into two days just so save myself, my equipment AND to give my camping gear (OK and myself) a REAL test. It will be interesting. Really looking forward to the time off, time on the road and time with my good friends. My hope is that I can put it together and make it all work.


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