Monday, September 12, 2005

Maintenance and trip planning

Tonight I completed the first oil change on the bike and will be sending the sample to Blackstone Labs for analysis. I keep records of the oil analysis on all my vehicles so that any sudden increase in wear metals can be addresed hopefully before a problem causes a breakdown. Plus it's a great way to get a picture of the health of a vehicle that was purchased used. I should have the results by the time I return from Reno.

Also started test fitting the side bags and packs. I added some more gear to my camping kit including a self-inflating mattress. I'll take pictures of it in use on my first campout in a couple of days and post about how well it works (or does not work.. yikes).

Along the way down I'm considering KOA Kampgrounds. One reason is they are a known quanity with graded camp sites, laundry facilities and some have wireless internet! Oh.. yes.. I am a propellor head.

Actually the laptop must go along so I can offload the pictures I take each day. I have several gigabytes of memory cards but the image files are large and I can only get about 100 photos on each card. I take a lot of pictures. Last year I had 1100 photos from 2 days of Air Racing. I suspect this year will produce a similar batch.


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